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Hello we’re Cultcure

We provide food classes and consultation to the food industry around fermentation. Take your pick from our various lacto fermentation classes or we’ll craft one for you.

Beginners can open the lid on a magical world of kimchi, sauerkraut and brine fermented vegetables. Perhaps you want to jump into fermented beverages like kombucha, tepache and kefir making.

You’ll learn to preserve the natural way – focusing on fermenting and discover how live foods come to life! Learn everything about lactic fermentation, and why it’s so darn tasty and good for us.

It’s relaxed and fun, you can ask questions, chat and of course sample many fermented foods. You’ll leave with your homemade jars (alive and fizzing) and your recipes – inspired to create, experiment and ferment all on your own!

Lacto fermented vegetables

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In our bespoke crafted small classes max 10, we will discuss everything you need to know about lactic fermentation techniques particularly around vegetables, and touch on their beneficial effects on our bodies.

During the workshop you will get to try various live lacto fermented goodies we have on the go as well make various types of fermented vegetables. Depending on the duration and class size we can do up to 3 types of fermented vegetables, a traditional kimchi, a sauerkraut and a kimchi water or other type of seasonal vegetable you choose.

You will get to take home 3 jars of fermenting vegetable goodness to observe your creations as they ferment, along with the recipes and the knowledge to experiment further at home.

Pink Plant Leaf
Pink Plant Leaf

Lacto fermented drinks

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Come join us for a beginners guide and an introduction into the how’s, what’s, why’s and the magic of probiotic lacto-fermented beverages.

We will explore kombucha & optionally dairy kefir. Get a better understanding of lacto-fermentation, as we look at preservation (the natural way). With a focus on fermenting and what we know about live foods. They are all a delicious dose of goodness for your gut, low in sugar and packed full of beneficial acids, lactic bacteria, enzymes and antioxidants.

In our small classes, we will discuss everything you need to know about fermenting & brewing your own Kombucha & Kefir at home. You will receive your own scoby & kefir grains to take home with you and begin brewing your own kombucha & kefir.

During the workshop, you will get to try several different flavours of Kombucha and kefir we have on the go as well as enjoy some snacks & fermented vegetables. You will leave with recipes and the knowledge to experiment further at home.

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Pink Plant Leaf

Who we are

Cultcure is an organisation passionate about slow food and fermentation. We provide a variety of services, classes and tools around fermenting and preserving the natural way.

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Pink Plant Leaf

What our clients say

Sarah " A great way to spend a Sunday! It was really enjoyable preparing food with other people and Adam has excellent knowledge. I left with recipes but also the confidence to adapt them and experiment to create my own new ones. Homemade pickles have actually become part of my diet now and they're so much more delicious than shop bought ones"

Johnathan "Best gift I've received in ages. Got it from a friend who knows I love cooking. Great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday afternoon and I learnt so much, tasted many different fermented vegetables I've never tried as well as got to take mine home and observe developing and eat them with my family"

Jamie "Adam is an expert host. Learnt to ferment two kimchis (one fiery and fishy, one vegan) and a classic red cabbage sauerkraut. All three of which you get to take home in your very own bubbling jar"

Megan "An original, interactive and well organised class, which yielded in a generous amount of delicious and varied fermented foods to take home and enjoy. Something completely different to do on a Sunday afternoon and great fun to learn some new recipes that can easily be recreated at home. Adam is an exceptionally approachable teacher with tonnes of additional insights about the benefits of fermented foods. The space (Today Bread, Walthamstow) has a great atmosphere and was a great new discovery in itself."

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